The calculator has been tested to provide a reliable estimate of results established through Ecoduct’s extensive in-house testing for flow rates up to 200L/S.

Actual results will vary for each system depending on the arrangement of components and the flow development of the air within each duct system. Ecoduct experimented with different inlet and outlet conditions for each fitting to ensure reliable results with optimum flow development.

Ecoduct recommends good duct design principles are applied to systems incorporating Ecoduct fittings, such as extended straight lengths before and after fittings and inlet and outlet.



Flat Duct 2m Length

9 Pa

Horizontal 45° Bend

5 Pa

Horizontal 90° Bend

22 Pa

Rangehood Adaptor

31 Pa

Vertical 45° Bend

4 Pa

Rect to Round 150Ø

21 Pa

Rect to Round 200Ø

16 Pa