About Us

Introducing Ecoduct, an environmentally friendly low-profile duct system that is specifically designed for high-rise apartment applications where limited ceiling spaces are common.

Ecoduct is the lightweight alternative to sheetmetal ductwork, and with no risk of corrosion, it has a longer lifespan which ensures there is no need to ever have the ductwork replaced. Ecoduct ventilation systems can be fully sealed using a fire seal mastic duct sealant.

Ecoduct is both Green Star, and Best Practice PVC certified, making it the premium PVC ducting on the market. With these credentials, and up to 50 per cent recycled PVC incorporated, you can rest assured that you are using the best product in the ever-growing Green Star building industry.

Together with its vast range of fittings and applications, Ecoduct is perfectly suited for bathroom, laundry and rangehood ventilation systems where it will efficiently exhaust airflow rates up to 180l/s. With most bathrooms requiring exhaust rates of 50l/s, Ecoduct enables you to combine systems (such as bathrooms, ensuites and laundries) that can run off one inline fan and an integrated lighting circuit. This results in our clients saving money, as well as increased installer efficiency.

By using Ecoduct, you will eliminate the need for forecasting quantities, early ordering and storage costs associated with purchasing imported products. Our duct is available Australia-wide and can be delivered anywhere in the country within a week.

Designed, developed and made in Australia. Our manufacturing facility is one of the first in Australia to incorporate technology whereby we can utilise up to 50 percent recycled PVC, specifically formulated to exceed industry standards, resulting in the end product being 100 percent recyclable.

The green colouring of Ecoduct products is our brand of quality – providing assurance that they are fully compliant with the safety standards for ignitability, flame propagation, heat and smoke release that apply to polymer ducting.

Our full range is viewable in our Product Catalogue.